Friday Favourites: 002

Hello Lovelies, I hope you're all well! This week I don't have as many favourites as I'd usually like and that's probably due to how rubbish the past week has been. Buzz has been really poorly which has been really upsetting, but I'll talk about that more in his update post.

Youtuber: Frankie Dare. Frankie is a qualified makeup artist and does a mixture of beauty and lifestyle videos. I only started watching her recently, but I just love how bubbly and chatty she is and I also love her adorable little cat, Nala! Find her here: youtube.com/MissFDMakeup

Blogger: This week instead of having a favourite blogger, I thought I'd share my favourite blog post from the week and it's "Instagram Makeup: Let's Get Real" from Laura Louise Makeup's blog! In the post Laura gives an insight of what being a MUA is really like and it sounds like a lot of hard work. SO many young girls think that uploading your #FOTD to Instagram makes you a MUA.. It doesn't. Such a good read and I really recommend you read it too! 

Product: This weeks favourite product has to be the S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer from TIGI! This product has been a firm favourite of mine for such a long time, it combats frizz, fly away hairs and it detangles my hair so easily!

Movie: Finders Keepers. I love Horror and Thriller movies so much, but I haven't been watching many of them recently. We decided to watch Finders Keepers this week, which is pretty similar to the movie 'Annabelle' if you've seen that - both are about an evil doll. To be honest, I think Finders Keepers is so much better than Annabelle! 

Pinning: This week I'm still really loving Pinterest and I've been pinning various different things, but mainly lots of pretty spring themed images. I just cannot wait for warmer weather, obviously since getting Buzz I've been spending a lot more time outside and I'm so bored of the cold weather haha! 

Thank you for reading my second Friday Favourites! I hope you've all had a lovely week and will enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. I love pinterest as well =] So addictive



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