Friday Favourites: 001

Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned recently, I really want to add some lifestyle posts into the mix, so I've decided on two different types of posts that I think I will really enjoy writing and hopefully they will be a weekly thing on my blog. I didn't want to be too brave and start them both right away, so I thought I'd start with "Friday Favourites" which will basically be a round up of my favourite things from the week. I often share my beauty favourites, but never lifestyle things. I personally really enjoy reading these kinds of posts because I find it's a great way of getting to know the blogger more. I also think these would be pretty cool to look back on too! This week I'm starting with nine categories, but I think I'll probably change it up each week!

App: Pinterest. If you follow me on Pinterest, this is probably no surprise. I seem to go through stages with Pinterest, sometimes I'm completely obsessed and then I'll go a few weeks where I don't log on at all. As sad as it probably sounds, it makes me so happy and gives me so much motivation! 

Youtuber: This week I don't really have one YouTuber in particular, but I have been really enjoying watching homeware hauls and room tours. I'm really in the mood to redecorate my room, so I'm looking for all of the inspiration! 

Blogger: Hannah Gale. I believe I found Hannah's blog via Facebook? and I've been completely obsessed ever since. I just love how original and different her posts are. The way she writes makes them a pleasure to read and I always look forward to her posts! Have a read of her blog here: www.hannahgale.co.uk

TV: Pretty Little Liars. I'm aware I've spoken about this show way too much on my blog already, but it's so gripping! I have to admit though, at one point I was getting slightly bored of it.. We're now into the fifth season and I feel some of the episodes were just completely pointless to the story, but it's now starting to get really good again, just in time for the 'big reveAl' 

Product: Hand Cream. Ever since getting Buzz, I seem to be washing my hands an awful lot more which has made them so, so dry that they actually hurt. So I had a look through my beauty products and found a hand cream from Neal's Yard. I don't actually think I've loved a hand cream this much before. It leaves my hands feeling so soft and moisturised and it smells uh-mazing, just like oranges! 
Pinning: This week I've been thinking alot about Charlie's birthday, although it's still a good few months away now, I really want to do something special for him. Last year his birthday was the day before my Grandad's funeral, so it didn't even feel like his birthday. Usually the weather is starting to be pretty lovely in June, so I'm thinking of having a little garden party and hiring/buying a marquee just in case the English weather does let us down! So, to get some inspiration I've made a little board on Pinterest and I feel so excited!

Music: Lenka. I first heard about Lenka back in 2008 after hearing one of her songs in the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging movie and I became completely obsessed with her album and had it on repeat for a while. I recently randomly started listening to her again and I've fallen in love with her songs all over again!

Instagram: Gh0stparties. Since I've become obsessed with all things homeware again, I've been really loving Kate's Instagram! It's so perfect for a little bit of home decor inspiration and I just love how dreamy her desk area is!

Quote: This weeks quote comes from the latest episode of PPL: "The truth will set you free, but first it turns you inside out." SO true! 

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! What have you been loving this week?


  1. I love pintrest. Hannah Gales blog is so funny to read!

    Hannah Rose

  2. I'm totally with you on the whole homeware obsession, I've spent most of today watching homeware hauls and now I desperately want to re-decorate! I love Hannah Gales blog too, her posts are so uplifting x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. I can get lost on Pinterest for hours, so many things to stumble upon. I also love gh0stparties instagram, she has such amazing photos and her home decor is always lust worthy. Btw I've just discovered your blog and I'm already hooked, love your blog design x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Loved this post hun, I love favourites posts like this and if yours are going to be like this then I will be reading every one! Hannah Gale is hilarious her blog is amazing, and hopefully you can do something special for Charlie's birthday! Let me know if you do xx

    Bethany | littlewhitelane.blogspot.com

  5. I love this post, hannah is an amazing blogger, such an amazing read! And pinterest keeps me busy all day long haha


  6. I'm obsessing over homeware, too, so Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration. Instagram's bot far behind, either. I can't wait to have my own apartment so I can decorate it however I want. :)
    P.S. Great blog, by the way. :)



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