A Little Break

Hello Lovelies! It only feels like five minutes ago I was telling you all I was having a little blogging break for Christmas and here we are again. Today I'm off to Brighton for a weeks break. It's my 20th birthday on Monday (I FEEL SO OLD) and i'm so excited to be spending it in Brighton. If you know me well, you'll know how special Brighton is to me. Early last year , my lovely Grandad passed away and Brighton was a place I spent a lot of time with him and as soon as I lost him, Brighton was the only place I wanted to be. We're staying in a little apartment on the seafront and I'll probably write another post on the company we booked with once I'm home (We've used them before and they're amazing!) I was considering writing up a few posts and scheduling them to go up whilst i'm away, but to be honest I just want a blogging free week. I've been feeling so stressed about my blog recently, I think i'm just putting too much pressure on myself, so a little break is the thing I need. 

If you're familiar with Brighton and have any recommendations of restaurants and things, please leave them in the comments! I've been many times before, but we always seem to stick to the same places haha! I'll still be posting on Instagram, so if you do want to keep up with my travels, feel free to follow me. - @bellechaton and there will definitely be a haul up once i'm home, I alwaays spend a little too much whilst i'm there!

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  1. Enjoy your time! I have some pretty special memories in Brighton too! Happy Birthday for Monday! x

  2. Ohh I hope that you will have a wonderful birthday! ^ ^


  3. Brighton is on my bucket list to visit one day whenever I get to the UK. I hope you enjoy your little blogging break hun, don't stress too much about it, you always do a great job! xx

    Bethany | littlewhitelane.blogspot.com

  4. Haven't been to Brighton for years, I really want to visit again though!x

    Ooh La Luce | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  5. Happy birthday in advance ! Hope you have a lovely stress-free and well relaxed week x

    ps: I nominated you for the Liebster award, here's more info about it Andrea,



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